Assalamualaikum wbt & Salam ephyra

Ephyra Oceanlife Company Director Resignation Announcement

With both sadness and gratitude, we must announce that our beloved Puan Amiza Binti Amiruddin recently managed to sell all of her shares in the company and officially resigned her position as the Director of Oceanlife Marketing Sdn Bhd with immediate effect.  

Puan Amiza joined Ephyra as a founding director in 2012, but first took on the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in the following year prior to shareholders dispute between founding directors, resulting in a buy-out process.

Since then, she has helped usher in a new strategic plan through the Board of Directors and staff, built new important marketing strategy, and helped improve and stabilize operations especially in sales, marketing, and A&P, among many other accomplishments.

We sincerely thank her for her contribution and leadership in her time here. The Board wishes her the best of luck and opportunities in her future endeavors. May Hiqmah prosper in the years to come!

On the other hand, as one door closes, another door opens, (2 doors instead!)

Oceanlife Marketing is pleased to announce the appointment of Cik Nurul Aini Binti Abdul Hamid & Cik Nurul Akhmalrina Binti Abdul Hamid as Joint Chief Executive Officers effective 15 November. (Yes, TWO CEOs are better than one! )

The duo began their journey with Ephyra as consumers in 2014. Together, they turn themself into business associates, from ephyralover to  ephyradealer. Then within a year, they grow to be ephyrastockist and conquer TWO big region, Penang, and Klang Valley.

They worked their way up the ladder with basic Islam’s principles and characteristics of Prophets Muhammad (PBUH) such as Siddiq, Amanah, Tabligh, Fathonah, humble, honest, big-heartedness, generosity and a willingness to give everything they had for the sake of other (sharing the rezeki)

The Board would like to extend gratitude and a warm welcome to the remarkable duo, co-CEO Cik Nurul Aini & co-CEO Cik Nurul Akhmalrina.

Ahlan Wa Sahlan Bosses to the Ephyrateam! Best wishes for this new venture and co-leadership.

Last but not least, we wish all ephyralover Happy New Year 2022. May this new year bring us prosperity, good fortune. 

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Please Be Safe. Wassalam


 Chairman Board of Director

Oceanlife Marketing Sdn Bhd

01 December 2021